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Cause and Effect

Post # 116, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

One of the expressions of science is that where there is a cause, there is an almost certain reaction of an effect. Put in today's terms, one might say many if not most, worldly problems may be caused by Climate Change. Among the effects could be increased massive flooding, as seen in America and recently in Italy. We have had what seems like annual out of control fires in western states. We are shocked by the pictures of melting of arctic snow throughout the iced land, continual typhoons in the Pacific, and devastating hurricanes throughout the Caribbean. Earthquakes seem to be spreading in Europe, while dangerous tornadoes terrorize almost all parts of the United States. Africa, which has always had a threatening environment, now reports the spread of dangerous insects, some of which appear new.

So one might also argue that the Coronavirus is spreading throughout the entire world now as a further extension of the effect of Climate Change. Our current leadership discounts climate change as a cause of problems, but almost all of the free World supports the concerns expressed by the United Nations regarding the threat. One irony is that we have advanced our world so much with technology that we are expected to work our way through this Pandemic in short order. But, short of a miracle, the vaccine solution is probably a couple years away, at least world wide, with our without climate change.

It would seem that this might be a logical time to study and evaluate the threats coming from Climate Change. We cannot ignore all the scary effects described above. Since we are sequestered anyway, this could be a good time to do the kind of research and due diligence that we should have been doing for many years now on our disruption of mother nature. If we ignore the possible cause of our problems, we can only expect the effect to be more of the same, for many years to come.


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