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Chairman Ed Fortune (D., Pace)

Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

"Ed Fortune was the powerful Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee during my two terms in the Florida House of Representatives, 1974-78. But he was also a complete gentleman at all times. He was a model for all of us honored to be serving the State of Florida."

I remember asking Speaker Don Tucker (D., Tallahassee) to be recognized on the floor of the House in the old Capitol to inquire of Appropriations Chairman Ed Fortune (D., Pace).

Tucker barked from the House Rostrum, "For what reason does the gentleman from Miami seek to be recognized?" I responded, "Thank you Mr. Speaker. Will the distinguished gentleman from Pace and the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee yield for a statement of recognition?" Chairman Pace took the floor, looking directly at me with a smile, saying, "It is my honor to yield to the gentleman from Miami?"

"Mr. Chairman, I want to congratulate you for authoring the Gainesville Plan for the pharmacutical industry in Florida--it is forward looking and will benefit Floridians all over the state. Thank you." Fortune responded, "Representative McKnight, your comment is so generous. Thank you."

Senator Robert W. McKnight

Chairman, Senate Health and Rehabilitative Services Committee, 1980-82



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