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Comparing Presidents George H.W. Bush and Joe Biden

Post # 226, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Presidents Bush 41 (R) and Biden (D) share being Vice Presidents, a major war, strong foreign affairs, but a tepid economy.

Many today are comparing the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush (Dad) and Joe Biden. Consider what they have in common:

  1. Both are considered honorable men, but lacking in natural charisma.

  2. Both served as Vice President to a popular President.

  3. Both were known for their expertise in Foreign Affairs, but not Domestic Politics.

  4. Both found our country in war settings--Bush winning a war and Biden providing weapons and supplies for allies at war.

  5. Both have struggled with taxes and inflation--Bush breaking a promise to not raise taxes and Biden supervising record inflation.

  6. Both had foreign success--Bush in unifying Germany and Biden restoring NATO support.

  7. Both struggled with non-partisanship in Congress.

With those similarities, it is natural to assume that Biden will follow Bush as a one term President. But, it may be too early to call that election. Consider:

  • The Supreme Court decision delegating abortion decisions to the states is said to have really shocked women voters. Although most polls show Americans support Roe v. Wade by 60-40%; surprisingly, GOP women also support abortion rights by 52-48%. Remarks and proposed actions by GOP white men in states to outlaw all abortions, without any exceptions, may be just the break Biden and the Democrats win an additional 5% of the women vote in November, 2024.

  • Also, President Biden is given generally high marks for his handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic, despite witnessing over 1 Million deaths in the United States. If the disease resurfaces each fall as expected and Biden has America prepared, his support may grow.

  • But the real dilemma is how Biden, like Bush before him, can create important success with the economy, jobs, interest rates, the stock market, inflation, and taxes. The President has a number of options to help him--the Federal Reserve, the Congress, the Courts, the States, the stock markets, and the almost beyond imagination of technology today. Biden might get a lucky break on a return of a reasonably robust economy.

Biden is hoping that his re-election bid in 2024 is the one major difference from that of President George H. W. Bush in 1992.


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