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Credit is Due

Post # 160, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

With the almost sole exception of Fox News, Donald Trump is vilified by the national press for everything from his behavior to decisions he made during his Presidency and even before his election. Many fair minded people think that is wrong because other Presidents have not been treated in the same way. I have previously acknowledged that, but I also point his disgusting and allegedly criminal behavior before being elected brought much of the criticism into play. I am not aware of any Presidents that brought the ethical, immoral and allegedly illegal experiences into office like Trump.

But with President Biden's first national address on the Anniversary of Covid-9 being declared a world pandemic, I noticed that he did not acknowledge the unprecedented speed with which the three Covid vaccines were approved (aka Operation Warped Speed). In fairness, President Trump was probably the only person who could have achieved that life saving approval of the drug. He deserves credit for it, even though it was done at the risk of possible missing some protective protocols. There are no suggestion of any serious dangers with the three vaccines, by professionals

Having now set the record straight from this writer, I would remind the Trump supporters that he also was responsible for the spread of the deadly virus with the following actions or inactions:

  1. Trump terminated the Disease Detection Staff in the Office of the President that could have detected and warned America of the threat.

  2. After admitting to reporter Bob Woodward in a recording that he knew of the deadly threat of Covid, Trump proceeded to repeatedly cover up the danger to the American people.

  3. Trump totally mismanaged the logistics of disease fighting equipment and supplies to Americans and the Governors, leaving Americans without help.

  4. Trump pushed untested and even dangerous solutions for treating Covid, like Hydroxychloroquine and bleach, without scientific research.

  5. Trump deliberately belittled proven science in fighting the pandemic.

So, yes give President Trump the credit for speeding the delivery of three live saving vaccines for Covid. But also blame him for many of the deaths that resulted from the deadly pandemic.


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