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David Rivera's "Bus Driver."

Post # 251. Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

It was said in Tallahassee that Marco Rubio's roommate, David Rivera was an indictiment waiting to happen. They were right.

Floridians living in the Sunshine state from 2000-2008 probably remember very well the name of State Representative David Rivera (R., Miami). He was an over achiever that won a seat in the legislaturew and then befriended his new colleague, State Representative Marco Rubio (R., Miami). Rivera quickly developed a reputation for lying, and misrepresting legislation. In a word, he was known as untrustworthy.

Rubio saw him differently and as Speaker in 2007-2008, made Rivera the powerful House Appropriations Chairman. It was widely thought of as a front for Rubio to dole out political favors for support. From Department of Transportation maintenance work to no bid contracts, the work of Team Rubio-Rivera became a sordid discussion all over the State Capitol.

After Rubio won a 6 year seat in the U.S. Senate, Rivera took a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives that lasted one term. It was rumored that after being rejected by Miami voters in his Congressional seat, Rivera became a lobbyist and used his close bond with Rubio to lobby for international interests.

Last week, the inevitable happened. The U.S. Department of Justice indicted Rivera for failing to register as a foreign agent and money laundering. He was charged as part of a lucrative $50 Million contract to help the Venezuelan government and strong man Nicolas Maduro mend their relationship with the United States during the Trump Administration. Rivera used the code name, "The Bus Driver" for Maduro and was charged with involving a "United States Senator from Florida," for help with the contract. Knowing last week's disclosure, Rubio had his staff admit direct involvement by the Senator. But neither Rubio nor Rivera would answer any other questions about the indictment.

Do Floridians remember the names of Democratic Senators Claude Pepper, George Smathers, Spessard Holland, Lawton Chiles, Dick Stone, Bill Nelson and Republicans Connie Mack, George LeMieux, and Mel Martinez?

They served our state with at least intended honor and didn't seek nor need the assistance of a "Bus Driver," in their work on behalf of Floridians.


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