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Debate Results, The Supreme Court Ruling and Options Now.

Post # 331, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The debate was a disaster for President Biden.

Before the debate, I felt his mind was not sharp and his speaking ability had deteriorated. But I did not expect what we saw in the debate. His face looked frozen and he was confused with the questions. Trump scored a knockout saying , "...and he probably doesn't know what he just said." Left largely without comment by the moderators, Trump, a convicted felon, lied repeatedly through the debate.

By most accounts, the results of the Presidential Debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden were awful. The primary objective of President Biden was to eliminate one albatross around his neck--whether he was too old to serve a second term. He failed. Badly.

Trump was expected to lie, and he did profusely and repeatedly. His Republican supporters expected him to lie, and that apparently is fine with them. Little was said in the debate about Trump's many felony convictions. His presentation was firm and confident.

Biden: He looked tired and spoke unevenly and haltingly. When Trump was talking, the camera showed Biden struggling to understand him or accept what he was saying. Biden appeared to know the facts but was unable to present them coherently. He looked like he was struggling to remember what he had memorized. Biden was losing the election at the time of the debate. He had to show well and did not. But by holding the debate almost 1/2 year before the election, Biden could give way to Vice President Kamala Harris,

Trump: Lied about his work on the economy, veterans, the military, immigration, crime, role in the January 6th attack on the Capitol, personally taking money from China and Russia, and molesting and raping women. He derided and lied about his impeachments, felony convictions, multiple assaults on women and pending indictments.

So we are left with a choice between a clever convicted criminal and and a old man, who may not be able to think or speak clearly. America is so much better than this. Our country is now at risk--our laws prohibit a felon serving in our military and but they can serve as Commander and Chief of our military. This is wrong folks.

The Supreme Court ruled on Trump's assertion that as President he was immune from personal liability, which could rule invalid the pending lawsuits against Trump. The Court ruled Trump was immune for his official duties, but not for his personal actions. The court directed the lower courts to define the official and personal duties. This decision put on hold all of the Trump litigation, including his sentencing for his convictions.

Trump won the debate and could be a big winner in the courts. He also leads in almost all direct match up polling with Biden. Further, it is predicted that the Republicans will take back the Senate in the November elections. The GOP currently controls the House by a couple of votes.

This dismal situation has driven the Democrats and even President Biden to rethink his candidacy. Vice President Harris is a black, Hispanic woman with legislative and executive branch experience. She has been loyal to the President and is free of any known scandals. She is a good campaigner, debater, and could very well draw most of Biden's 2020 supporters. But nothing will happen with the Democrats unless Biden initiates it.

As of this writing, the election is as uncertain as ever.



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