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Democrats Can Win With 3 issues.

Post # 274, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The proven winning formula for the Democrats--Abortion, Social Services, and Diversity/Inclusion.

Since 2022, Democrats in Florida have been on the losing end of most elections. Nationally polling has shown President Biden with weak support for a President at the end of his first, somewhat successful term. Although the U.S. House is within reach by the Democrats in 2024, it will still be a hard fight.

It is true that the Democrats just won in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Florida. But it was all in the suburbs suggesting there is a winning formula. So, as a lifelong Democrat, I ask the question, what is that formula for the Democrats to win--in Florida and across the country?

I believe the answer is near certain, outlined here:

  1. Abortion. Suburban women of all parties are demanding that government stop regulating their bodies. The Supreme Court repealing Roe versus Wade gave the states the chance to author almost unlimited formulas for abortions. Mostly men state legislators and governors decide what is best for women's health. This is an issue that is greater than the parties. Most polls show women demand control of their own bodies--Democrats, Republicans, and especially Independents.

2. Social Services--Protect Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Florida Senator Rick Scott, a very unpopular former governor, came up with the non-bright idea of terminating Life survival Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid for seniors. Even Republican Leader Mitch McConnell thought Scott had a dumb idea. Scott is not the only Republican to think attacking the elderly and AARP members is a good idea, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis felt the same way as a member of the House in Congress. But it sure works well for the Democrats, opposing it with all their fiber.

3. Protect Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ("DEI"). Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came up with the great pro-Trump idea of turning the clock back to the pre '64 civil rights movement where John Crow roamed America. Great Republicans like Senator Everett Dirkson and Congressman Gerald Ford saw the importance of diversity and inclusion to make America the land of the free for ALL Americans. Democrats should demand the protection of DEI laws on the books and add them to the Equal Rights Amendment for all.

I believe adherence to these issues will ensure the Democrats retake the U.S. Congress and many state legislatures.


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