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Democrats Plot Against the GOP

Post # 164, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Now that they are back in power--although barely--the Democrats appear to be busy plotting against the Republicans. We saw it in the recent press, as follows:

  • An vicious personal attack was made on the Senate Majority Leader and his wife, the former Secretary of Transportation, describing the Leader as a "Son of a _____."

  • The GOP Secretary of State was attacked, and a candidate was lined up as an opponent.

  • For aiding the economy, there were proposals for the introduction of non-strategic, but punitive tariffs instead of free markets.

  • Although ethics are a fundamental cornerstone of the GOP, proposals were made to divert campaign funds for personal use and debts as well as family profit centers..

  • Attacks were made on corporations getting involved in state politics.

  • Multiple Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah, William Cassidy of Louisiana, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan Collins of Maine were repeatedly attacked seeking opponents to their re-election.

  • Long time Indiana Republican and Vice President Mike Pence and politically neutral scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci are vilified for their service.

These attacks apparently by the Democrats are at the soul of the Republican Party:

  • Small government

  • Self reliance

  • Strong national defense

  • Ethical governance

  • Free markets.

  • Diversity and inclusion

But wait, Upon looking closer, these attacks above do not appear to be from the Democrats. These attacks are from the 2020 Nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump. That makes no sense. The Republicans are supporting a former life long Democrat who is pushing his long held Democratic positions, attacking Republicans. Maybe it is a trick? Why would the Republicans fall for that?

Maybe these critical remarks directed at the GOP and their leaders from President Trump were created by the Democrats. Maybe they somehow still control Trump and this is really a trick to make the Republicans eat their own.

I really didn't think the Democrats were that smart, nor did I think the Republicans would fall for this criticism from Trump. Especially if the criticism from Trump was directed at the soul of his adopted Party.

I wonder if the Republicans will figure out that Trump has plotted against them and gutted the soul of the GOP...which he did as a life long Democrat?


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