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Did Putin Pay Trump for Our Nuclear Records?

Post # 234, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The Public seems to believe anything as long as you repeat it enough.

As mentioned previously in this Commentary, former President Donald Trump has had a lot of experience in court. He is infamous for not paying his bills, lying about his personal activities, and for maliciously attacking people without cause. But, because of his wealth, he has lawyered up in most of his court appearances, and therefore has won more than he lost. Not so when he became President. Consider:

  1. In Georgia, Trump is recorded ordering the Secretary of State to falsify election results. At this point it appears he will be under oath to explain this apparent illegal action.

  2. In New York, Trump submitted false documents for real estate financing, upon which financial institutions and governments relied for approval. He refused to answer questions about the false documents 440 times.

  3. In Florida, Trump was advised in June of 2022 that the Justice Department was seeking missing Confidential Documents from his Presidency. The Department issued Trump an unpublicized subpoena. Having heard nothing, the Department sought and obtained a search warrant from the Court for the documents. Trump mentioned nothing of having the subpoena for almost 2 months and said publicly that the government had maliciously raided his personal residence. GOP Congresspersons and FOX News declared it an attack on Trump and one of his zealous supporters attacked an FBI office and a federal employee was killed. The Attorney General said he has asked the Court to release the Search Warrant it sought and received, and invited Trump to also share that information with the pubic. It turns out what the FBI sought from Trump was Top Secret Information on our Nuclear Arsenal, which was hidden at Mar-A-Largo. Newsweek Magazine reported that Trump had retained at Mar-A-Largo payroll records of our U.S. Spies. At first Trump attacked the FBI (again), but now that they are in a position to testify against him, he raves about the great work done by the FBI.

  4. In Washington, D.C., despite Trump saying on the record hundreds of times he would release his personal finances after the IRS completed their audit, he has not done so for over 6 years. It turns out they were never under audit. Each level of the court has ruled he must comply with the legal request of the Congress, and is now just the Supreme Court away from doing so.

And so it goes with our former President of the United States and the Courts in America.



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