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Did Trump Leak Top Secret Intelligence to Hamas?

Post # 293, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Donald Trump has never known what "Loose Lips Sink Ships" means because he never served his country in the military.

The World is still trying to understand the full impact and horror of the surprise massacre of Israelis by the Hamas Terrorists. Hamas has killed before, but the breadth and magnitude of this attack is almost equal to that of ISIS and Al Qaeda several years ago.

They tortured and killed victims, and took pictures of the crime as it happened. It is said that Hamas even did that to children in Israel.

The big question is how it could have happened. Israel is known for having one of the most robust and effective security programs to head off attacks.

Although not proven, one of the contributors to the bloody massacre may be our own country, the United States. The leaking of top secret intelligence about Israel's Allied Islamic State Plan may have very well come from none other than Donald Trump, the President of the United States at that time in May 2017.

On that date, President Trump took the extraordinary act of inviting two major Russian officials into the White House, while the cameras rolled. Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislayak joined the President for jokes and smiled for the camera. It was widely reported that Trump shared with the Russian visitors, without being asked, top-secret information about Israel and other allies of the United States. There was no investigation, nor has anything been done about it since May 2017.

Experts in the Middle East have said that since Trump accommodated almost any Putin requests, that the information leaked by Trump went directly to Putin, and then to Russian allies in Syria, Iran, Palestine, Hamas, and Hezbollah, among many others. Those experts familiar with the Hamas surprise attack have said, the Trump leaked intelligence was probably instrumental in a portion of the deadly attack on October 7, 2023.

This is not the first time Trump has shared top-secret information about our country, without any repercussions. His mishandling of classified information is now under trial in South Florida, but the Hamas incident was far worse, causing thousands of deaths, including a score of American citizens in Israel.

Congress should investigate the source of the Trump leaks of top secret information about Israel that probably contributed... in a significant the Hamas slaughter of innocent humans on October 7th.

Loose Lips Sink Ships.



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