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Fearless Forecast

Post # 245, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Readers will remember Miami Herald Political Reporter John McDermott always ran his "Fearless Forecast" on predicting elections the Sunday before the election. Although not in his wheel house of success, here is my prediction in key races in Florida and around the country.

My "Fearless Forecast" for the 2022 Midterm Elections:


Governor: Ron DeSantis (R.)

U.S. Senate: Marco Rubio (R.)

+Congress: Al Lawson (D.)

+ State Senate: Corey Simon (R.)


Governor, Georgia: Brian Kemp (R.)

Pennsylvania: Josh Shapiro (D.)

Arizona: Kari Lake (R.)

U.S. Senate, Georgia: Rafael Warnock (D.)

+ Pennsylvania: John Fetterman (D.)

Wisconsin; Ron Johnson (R.)

Arizona: Mark Kelly (D.)

Nevada: Catherine Cortez Masto (D.)

North Carolina: Ted Budd (R.)

+Ohio: Tim Ryan (D.)

+ This is a seat that turned over from the other party.

Perhaps most important is that I predict the Republicans will take control of the U.S. House of Representatives, while the Democrats will hold the Senate, adding 2 seats to their majority of one. But there will be a raging war within the GOP over the presiding officer in the lower body of Congress. President Biden's agenda will be stalled in the House of Representatives. As predicted previously, the real fireworks start Wednesday with the evolving war between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis for the soul of the Republican Party.

Please Vote Tomorrow!!


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