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Post # 146, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Do These Conservative Republicans No Longer Believe in State's Rights?

Do you think our Representatives in Washington would allow another state (sovereign) to invalidate a legal and accurate vote of Floridians? What if Texas said it did not like how we voted and decided to sue us taking the case to the Supreme Court? Why would they do that? Because they did not like how we voted. They wanted us to vote for someone else.

Folks, that is exactly what happened last week. The Texas Attorney General (indicted, and seeking a Presidential pardon) filed the suit at the request of President Donald Trump. Trump does not like how four states voted and wanted Florida to join the Texas suit, demanding the Court mandate their majority votes for Trump. No surprise, the Supreme Court including 3 appointees by Trump said the suit had no merit and was unlawful.

Nine members of Congress representing Florida voted to let Texas deny other four states their right to vote, unless they voted for who Texas favored, according to the suit--Donald Trump. Really. For all intents and purposes, the Nine Florida Congressmen could have voted to allow Texas to take away Floridian's legal votes. Here they are--all Republicans:

Congressmen Dan Webster

Gus Bilirakis

John Rutherford

Mario Diaz Balart

Matt Gaetz

Michael Waltz

Neal Dunn

Ross Spano

Ted Yoho

Like a stern school master, Trump told Texas that he wanted to know who did not sign the statement of support. You may wonder what the response is from the 9 Congressmen for voting to invalidate other states' votes. It is essentially, "This is not about other state's votes, this is an expression of my intent of strong support for Donald Trump." That may be your intent Mr. Congressmen, but it is not what you are doing--your support of the Texas suit is a legal effort to deny others their right to vote. It is sad that you must be told this, since you were elected to represent us, not Texas. In a Democracy the majority rules, Congressmen.

Please make a note of these 9 individuals serving us. Apparently they do not think we have the right to vote except, for whom is selected for us. That is tyranny folks.



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