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Floridians Attack on Democracy

Post # 205, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

They weren't protesting a free election. They were trying to actually overturn your vote because their candidate told them to do it.

There is much we know about the January 6, 2021 attack on our Capitol over the 2020 Presidential Election. Now we know even more about individuals involved. Since this Commentary is primarily about Florida and Floridians, here is what we know about involvement of people and organizations from the Sunshine State in the first of it's kind insurrection:

  1. Florida had the most citizens arrested for attacking their own Capitol--70 individuals.

  2. Miami and Ft. Lauderdale had the most arrests by city--7 each.

  3. Florida has a fugitive at large--Daniel Pollock of Lakeland.

  4. A Spring Hill woman, Audre Southland-Ramsey, was arrested for attacking police with an American flag pole.

  5. Adam Johnson of Manatee was recorded stealing the Speaker's Lectern from the House of Representatives.

  6. The Proud Boys Leader, Joseph Biggs, was from Manatee County.

  7. Robert Scott Palmer of Largo has received the longest prison sentence to date--5+ years.

  8. Three more Floridians were charged last week in the attack--Alan Fisher of Tampa, Dion Rajewski of Largo and Zachary Johnson of St. Petersburg.

  9. Publix heiress, Julie Jenkins Fancelli partially funded the attack to the tune of $300,000.

In all, after the certified election of a new President, no fewer than 13 members of the Florida Delegation objected to confirming the votes of the American People. Among some of the businesses contributing to those people who voted against a fair and free Democratic election in America were:

The American Bankers Association

Boeing Corporation

Raytheon Corporation

Lockheed Martin

General Motors

Marathon Oil Corporation

Valero Oil Corporation

United Parcel Service

These people and companies were not expressing frustration and their objection to a democratic election. They were actually trying to stop the election protected by our Constitution. This is the same Constitution that our fighting men and women in uniform died for us to have and hold. And many were Floridians.



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