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From Askew and Graham to Scott and DeSantis

Post # 128, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

It is true that I wrote a book about the Florida Legislature when it was described by one caustic reporter as "The "Golden Age." I opined a couple years ago why I thought the phenomenon occurred--basically reapportionment, a new Constitution and strict adherence to the principle of bi-partisanship. I admit my conflict of interest as a former member of both chambers during that time, which is why I feel comfortable talking about it.

The result. A string of outstanding Governors and Legislatures that became the model for the country. Names like Reubin Askew and Bob Graham were groomed by legislative leaders to take over the management of one of the fastest growing states in the country, as governors. And they performed with great success.

Now, fast forward almost 50 years. Our two most recent Governors Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis never served in the Florida Legislature. In one case Scott was a businessman with a unsavory reputation, while DeSantis was largely known as a back bencher in a ethically challenged Congress. To make matters worse, Scott and DeSantis now attack each other on an almost daily basis alleging each others inept service as chief executive of the Sunshine State. I have opined they are both right.

Perhaps it is time to ask the Florida Legislature to help train any and all candidates seeking to become our governor, in an in depth experience about all three branches of government. It might be a "Golden Experience" for them.

PS I never mentioned Republican or Democrat in this Commentary.


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