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Giuliani and Perry Oil Deal

Post # 96, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

An interesting side bar discussion from the hours of Impeachment Testimony has been that about the President's personal attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Energy Secretary, former Texas Governor Rick Perry. While multiple sources have confirmed that Giuliani was the President's representative in pursuing the illegal involvement of a foreign country influencing an election in America, there have now been separate reports of Giuliani and Perry focused on a multi million energy deal. It is illegal to use federal public office to obtain financial gain. For Giuliani this is part of a large number of serious potential charges, but it is a new involvement of Perry in the shady dealings with Russia.

Pulling together the various reports, it appears to this writer that Giuliani and Perry got off the reservation and sought a separate financial transaction for themselves. The question is whether their work was also on behalf of the President. Consider:

1. President Trump is intensely motivated by financial deals in Russia. He has millions involved through Putin, according to his son. The oil deal is apparently one of interest to Russia and potential investors.

2. In addition to the Biden information, Giuliani has pursued "an energy" deal with intense probing, hiring two Ukrainian principles familiar with the energy players.

3. Secretary Perry has surfaced as a major player in the Ukraine negotiations, with intimate knowledge of the energy deal.

4. It appears Trump focus on having Ukraine dig up dirt on the Bidens got mixed up with Giuliani and Perry's work to secure an energy deal with Ukraine's help.

5. The question is did Giuliani and Perry get off the reservation by themselves or was Trump, an admitted control freak on the whole Ukraine issue, directly involved?


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