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Good Time for Trump to Play Golf

Post # 107, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Our President likes golf. It is said he is pretty good at it, but then it is also said he cheats. Since he lies profusely, he probably does cheat, but if it saves the country, who cares?

Virtually every time Trump has commented publicly on the Coronavirus Pandemic, he has riled the professionals, the market, and most Americans. His ignorance of science, zeal for blaming someone else (notably Obama) and outright anger have left him with nothing productive to say to the public. It is downright embarrassing to see virtually everything he claims about the crises, be reversed by the professionals...while he is standing with them. I guess he doesn't realize they just said the opposite of what he said. He is said to firmly believe that the virus was started by the Democrats to destroy him politically and maybe his life (while on Air Force One). The fact that he doesn't tell the truth doesn't help.

On the other hand, Trump did assign this mega crises to be handled by his Vice President Pence, although Trump is pushing his way in front of Pence at most meetings with the press. Pence is not my favorite from his back bench days in the Congress and his mis management of the state of Indiana as their Governor. His suck up to Trump is downright sickening to watch. But,, compared to Trump, Pence is light years ahead with simple common sense and intelligence.

Trump has said he deserves no blame for the crises, even though he disbanded the unit that the federal government used to lead the fight against public health outbreaks. When asked why he did that, he responded with the Mad Comic book automatic, "Me? What me? I didn't do that." He must have forgotten exchanging correspondence on the termination with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, at the time Trump terminated the program.

Everyone, including the Administration would be well served if Trump took an extended vacation playing golf--maybe everywhere possible, and left the crises for Pence to handle. My guess is the country would take a sigh of relief, the markets might stabilize and we could get on with our lives and that would be a start to recovery. It might really be a win-win situation.



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