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He and His Family Told Us in Advance

Post # 156, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The White House has now confirmed that President Biden has access to all conversations between Trump and Putin, finally opening the door on the speculation about this dangerous relationship.

Charges, past and future against Donald Trump are in constant discussion. Probably the two most serious pending charges are:

  1. Did Trump and or his family receive money from Russians before and during his Presidency?

Answer: His family confirmed on the record that Trump received millions from the Russians before being elected President, without disclosing it publicly. His continuing support of Russia while serving as President is clearly documented. His tax returns appear about to be released putting the issue to final rest. It is only a matter of time. The White House has now confirmed that President Biden will have access to all discussions held between Trump and Putin, which will only open the door wider on this dangerous and maybe treasonous relationship.

2. Did Trump try to change the results of a fair and legal election?

Answer: Trump predicted on the record--repeatedly-- that he would lose the election months in advance of the election, to build momentum for what became known as the "Big Lie." It was fueled by his demagoguery and became the basis of the riots, as confirmed by the majority of the U.S. Senate over the weekend. The leaders of the state of Georgia, most of which are Republicans, have opened a full investigation into the charge of voter tampering in the 2020 Presidential election. All the world has already seen the irrefutable evidence of Trump's guilt. It is only a matter of time.

Because these charges against Trump were confirmed on the record, I find it strange that he is afforded questions about the charges. In a positive way, maybe the continuing discussion is further proof the charges reflect our principle of innocence until proven guilty.

And the final nail in this awful time in our Country's history was the vote of 43 Republican Senators of Trump's innocence of charges in the U.S. Congress. Again the evidence was irrefutable. What a terrible crime for so many of Republican Senators to carry to their grave.

After all, Trump and his family told us of his guilt in advance.



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