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Here it Comes

2016 set the standard. At least "one shoe" will drop before the election in 2 weeks.

Post #138, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Everyone remembers the final two weeks of the Presidential Election in 2016. FBI Director James Comey surprised everyone to say he was reopening a part of his investigation of Hillary Clinton. He said his decision was being made in an abundance of caution for the fairness of the election. Since the election ended up so close, many say this last minute announcement was the death blow for an already fragile campaign for the now two time loser for President.

So political experience tells us, there are about to be revelations this week, maybe from both campaigns, that could swing the election again. There could even be disclosures from third parties with no party affiliation (that is what Comey said was his situation in 2016) that swing the election. Some say there is such an expectation of a last minute shoe dropping, that just the expectation of it, could swing the election--in other words fake surprises.

The media has expected this tactic over the years, and has some restrictions on running ads during the last 5 days with announcements that do not leave time for rebuttal. So, what could might we expect either side announce in the remaining two weeks?

  1. Something not yet in the public domain that might affect candidate finances, behavior, correspondence, family, personal, medical or past history.

  2. Testimony or Speculation on what could happen in the future from a credible third party.

  3. A complete and total lie that cannot be quickly disproven.

There are certainly other possibilities, but these three strike this writer as plausible, if not probable. But, I do believe we are in for a surprise ending of this bizarre election.



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