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How do you risk your security staff on January 6th, then shake their hands on national TV?

Post # 250, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

There is a special place down in the hereafter for supporters of the attack on our government on January 6, 2000, who then hide.

Overwhelming evidence and facts confirm that former President Donald Trump was behind the coup where he tried to overturn a free and fair election of another President in 2020. I think it is fair to say that some kind of action like treason was expected from Trump, but not to the point of attacking the lives of our brave Capitol police.

The two Republican leaders in Congress looked the other way and blew off the whole attack on our Capitol as a typical day at the Capitol, which is more than the average American can take.

Yes, that is what Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R., KY) and House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., CA) did on the day of and immediately after January 6th. McCarthy doubled down on his deceit by taking the floor of the House condemning Trump, and then a couple days later flew to Palm Beach to apologize to Trump for his floor remarks.

McConnell, not known for being a "Profile in Courage," listened to Trump attack his oriental wife with racial slurs, and then clammed up and said nothing, so as to not rile the twice impeached President.

As if that behavior by the two Republican leaders is not disgusting enough, they both tried to shake hands on national TV with the Capitol Security personnel and their families, that saved their lives on January 6th. McConnell and McCarthy smiled at the bank of TV cameras in the Capitol Rotunda, as if seeking their reward for their behavior. Families of the police heroes refused to shake the cowards' hands.

Many of us remember and respecty the Grand Old Party known as Republicans, from Lincoln to Reagan down through the ages. It has been a party of great Americans, for the most part. McConnell and McCarthy are not great Republicans... nor great Americans.


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