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Hunter Biden Investigation

Post # 255, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

As Vice President Joe Biden was overseeing Obama Administration policy in Ukraine. His son sought to benefit from international business and finance. Where--Ukraine.

Full disclosure up front: I am a life long Democrat and have served in office as a Democrat. I have met and spent several hours talking to then Deleware Senator Joe Biden about a number of issues affecting our country. I do not know nor have I have ever met any of President Biden's family, including his son Hunter.

Since this is a Commentary about current political issues and the U.S. House Republicans have announced a full blown inquiry into Hunter Biden on these subjects, I would like to opine on the serious issues involved:

  • Conflict of interest, exploitiing his family connections for political and financial favor.

  • Illegal drug use.

  • Failure to timely pay federal taxes.

  • Failure to timely comply with federal gun disclosure laws.

This is the President's only living son. Joe Biden will be in office for two more years, but is likely to announce his candidacy for re-election as President. Accordingly, newly elected Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R., Cal.) and the House feel three newly appointed special investigation sub-committees need to use the full force and power of the body to investigate Hunter Biden. They have that right. One of the subcommittees will be chaired by GOP firebrand Jim Jordan of Ohio. As the expression goes, "....and we will take it wherever it leads."

There is also a pending federal investigation of Hunter Biden by the David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney from Deleware, appointed by former President Donald Trump.

Here are my initial responses to the Hunter Biden investigation:

1. I believe there appears to be probable cause for a comprehensive inquiry into Hunter Biden given the international implications involved. If the Deleware U.S. Attorney feels there is probable cause based on his investigation I do not think the House should cover the same evidence twice. If there is a referral to the Justice Department, a Special Prosecutor should be appointed.

2. Given President Biden's emphasis on transparency of his Presidency, I believe all parties should fully cooperate with the investigation.

3. Based on the information disclosed in press accounts, I believe Hunter Biden appears to have violated laws for his involvement in foreign businesses for compensation. He may have violated other laws, at least in the timing of his compliance.

4. Among the countries involved in this case are Ukraine when President Biden was overseeing the Obama Administration policy in that country. This brings President Biden and his actions directly into the investigation.

5. In the Congress, it is expected that the Republican led House will lead this investigation. It is not expected that the Democratic led Senate will follow suit, although it will have an obligation to respond to any communication sent by the House.

One cannot help but think that any part of the Hunter Biden case is one that should not have been expected rising out off the Obama Administration.


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