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If Cheney loses

Post # 228, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Congresswoman Liz Chaney is a rock solid conservative Republican, but her integrity is second to none. She is a great American first.

As of this writing, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Chaney (R.) is enjoying an all time high in popularity in the Country. Her extraordinary leadership of the House Special Committee on the January 6th Riots on the Capitol is appreciated by most Americans. However that is not the case in her Wyoming Congressional district, due to the unrelenting attacks against her by former President Donald Trump. Polls today show her losing her re-election bid, but not by much.

So, what can we look for from the daughter of Vice President Dick Chaney? She is a loyal conservative Republican, but her political courage has not gone unnoticed by Democratic President Joe Biden. Chaney's well regarded expertise is in foreign and military affairs through her service on the prestigious House Armed Services Committee. I do not see Biden making any changes to the leadership at the Departments of Defense or State. But Chaney brings extraordinary talent and bi-partisanship to the table, so I could see President Biden appointing her as a Special Envoy for the Ukraine war, for example. She knows the players and might be able to move some moderate Republicans to the Biden side of some issues. Success at that critical part of the world could leave her in a position to consider a run for President herself.

Congresswoman Liz Chaney is a great American and my guess is her political career will not end if she suffers a re-election loss.



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