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If Not Biden, Who?

Post # 325, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Happy Memorial Day

The Democrats only have a few more months to pick another nominee.

After the Independent Counsel Report on President Biden said he was in the habit of forgetting names and places, a number of people (including Democrats) became concerned. Polling for Biden continues to slip, especially in swing states. Watching his public press announcements and comments, I surmised he was just somewhat absent-minded, but I do believe it could be a serious and growing problem over the next four years. I believe former president Trump remains adept at seizing on people's fears, but he is a liar, totally uninformed about government, and truly academically ignorant out of choice.

I do not think he really cares about governing at all. I believe his goal is personal power and money.

If the Democratic Party wanted to replace President Biden with another candidate, they would have until August to do so. If not, Biden would remain at the top of the ticket and Vice President Harris would take over if necessary.

But there has been very little discussion of a plan B for the Democrats. Who then could replace Biden as the Democrats' nominee (without any order)?

  • Vice President Kamala Harris. She is not liked by some highly placed Democrats but could draw on her experience as Vice President. Being a woman of color also helps.

  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He is very popular among the Biden Team, but lacks international experience. Being publicly gay actually helps him as diverse.

  • California Governor Gavin Newson. A popular governor from the largest state, but not considered experienced enough on world and macro issues to be taken seriously.

  • Arizona Senator Mark Kelly. A very popular conservative from a very conservative state. He has both a military and space background and is married to a former Congresswoman who has stood up to the gun lobby. He could be a sleeper.

  • Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. A former candidate for President and cancer survivor. She is an experienced lawyer and an excellent debater. She may also be a sleeper.

  • Pennsylvania Governor Joseph Shapiro. He won an upset election in a major state and has received high marks for his work in a major state. His weakness is the world stage and his experience in a crisis.

  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis. He has taken Colorado from a second-tier state by leading the fight against COVID-19 and supporting immigration reform. His liberal leanings are well-received in Colorado, but might not play well in the conservative south.

Stay tuned.


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