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Inevitable White Minority

Post # 162, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The next Census will be announced next month based upon the 2020 count. It is widely expected that the number of White Americans will continue their decline, while minorities like Blacks and Hispanics will show increasing gains. It is predicted that Whites will hang on to Majority status until the Census of 2045, when they will become the Minority race in America. It is inevitable because of the accelerating immigration of minorities, coupled with the reduction of White Americans, particularly with their practice of birth control.

This inevitable occurrence is what is really driving a lot of the intense racial tension in our country. Although it is unfair to lay the increasing violence at any one person's feet, it is true that Donald Trump is one politician who recognized the inevitable and sees pent up political ammunition in it. The base of Trump's support is large in numbers and somewhat specific in terms of race and gender--white and male. The expansion of deadly shootings around the country only underscores the threat for our country.

Becoming the Minority race will be translated into hundreds of funding formulae for Americans, from retirees to workers, to homemakers, and to students. Whites will feel dis-enfranchised and lay the blame on people of color as well as the "liberal" media. It will become a time of great testing of our ability to live together, whether as a member of the Minority or Majority race.

This threat of danger could be a driving force for Democrats and Republicans to finally come together, but all indications are that the division will only widen due to political partisanship.


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