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Innocent, unless...

Post # 311, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

"Democracy is a terrible form of governance. But it is the best known to Man."

Winston Churchill

Most of the world has hailed the brilliance of America's government and constitution. For a Democracy to declare its citizens innocent unless and until proven guilty by a random selection of its peers is nothing short of genius. The government will even provide the accused a legal defense at no cost to help prove one's innocence.

In the case of Donald Trump, he has unlimited funds to pay for his defense against almost 100 separate charges. That means that any charges pending against Trump must be litigated until disposed of by all available courts. Trump has appealed both the Colorado ruling of disqualification and the assertion of immunity from prosecution to the Supreme Court, which says it will hear them soon.

The Georgia litigation appears very close to the trial, but now Trump's lawyers has found serious concerns about the District Attorney's potential conflict of interest. It is unlikely the charges will be dropped, but a delay is certainly possible.

The rulings to date on fines connected to Trump litigation total almost half a billion dollars. It is said that losing that wealth, especially at the hands of Democrats and women is almost beyond Trump's ability to handle. He can continue campaigning because that remains his only chance to raise legal funds and possibly stay out of prison (if elected). The adulation of campaigning is all that probably keeps him and his massive ego going.

With almost 100 charges pending it is highly likely that Trump will become a criminal. When that happens is still very uncertain. Trump, as a criminal, could very well win the GOP nomination to become President of the United States of America. I do not believe our country will elect a convicted Donald Trump as the leader of the free world. If it does, all order in the world will become uncertain. If Trump remains the GOP nominee, I believe an alternative, either a Democrat or a third-party candidate will become our next President.

The election will again prove the brilliance, but painful and imperfect process of a Democracy. But it is the most fair known to man.



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