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Is DeSantis Liable?

Post # 289, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Everyone knows DeSantis is not recommending the Covid-19 Booster because he is copying Trump's independent political penchant. Floridian's lives are at risk.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Lapado has said after 3 years of COVID-19 killing over 1 million citizens, most healthy Americans do not have to worry about getting afflicted with the new virus. With Governor DeSantis at his side, Lapado advised healthy adults against taking the new COVID-19 booster recommended by the Federal Government. DeSantis was stone-cold silent with Lapado's remarks.

Since 2020 Florida has had 7.5 Million COVID-19 cases, with over 87,000 deaths. DeSantis and Lapado had strongly urged Floridians that the booster recommended by the U.S. Center for Disease Control was not necessary to take.

Since Florida has had significantly more cases and deaths than almost any state and the Federal Government is on record saying the booster is effective against COVID-19, one must ask the question is DeSantis liable? Yes, DeSantis bases his recommendation against the booster on his Surgeon General's opinion, it is a minority opinion of physicians. However, Lapado is considered a questionable appointment since DeSantsis circumvented normal approval protocols to get the Surgeon General approved in Florida.

Separate from the COVID-19 epidemic affecting our country, DeSantis declared independence from the Federal Government and its health protection advice as his campaign policy. It is the same kind of independence from the government strongly suggested by former President Trump.

Here we have a proven killer (COVID) and a government protection (the booster) that the government is strongly suggesting Floridians take. DeSantis has recommended against the booster in the past and Florida has had deaths occur from the killer. DeSantis knows this. Should he be liable for not protecting Floridians at any reasonable cost?


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