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Is the Time of Day, the Highest Calling of Senator Rubio?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Post # 212, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

We both represented West Miami in the Florida House of Representatives--25 years apart. He has failed his calling with the time of day.

As I have pointed out before in this Commentary, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and I shared essentially the same legislative District when we both served in the Florida House of Representatives, some 25 years apart. As a result, I am generally aware of him from former constituents. Unfortunately, what I have been told by some of them is not becoming. Allegations of being sneaky, lying, and indifferent to constituents' concerns were often told to me about the Senior Senator from Florida.

But the fact is, he is our highest election representative in Washington, D.C. He even found himself a candidate for President in 2016, although his campaign was doomed after he was belittled as "Little Marco" by Republican President Donald Trump. He finished fourth in the Republican Primary with 11% of the vote.

Marco Rubio first won election to the U.S. Senate in 2010, defeating former Republican, but then Independent Charlie Crist. Rubio got 48% of the General Election vote, Crist 30%. When the Republicans took over the Senate briefly around the time of Trump's election, seniority pushed Rubio into the all important Chairmanship of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He is now the Ranking Minority Leader of the august Committee. He has been largely silent voice on Putin's War with our friends in Ukraine.

Why then, with all of these opportunities for major lawmaking would our Senior Senator be best known for introducing and passing the Daylight Savings Act? As was asked by one of his colleagues in the Senate, "who cares?" Was this a fluke, or is this Rubio's highest and best calling as a public servant? Let's look at his unmemorable work in the Senate, over the years:

  • 2010: Elected to the Senate with less than a majority vote.

  • 2012: Helped kill the important High Speed Rail Program in Florida.

  • 2014: Opposed Obama Care and Killed Elderly Medicaid Expansion.

  • 2015: Opposed Obama's Cuba Travel and Exchange Initiative.

  • 2016: Ran for President and lied about running for re-election.

  • 2018: Praised and supported almost all of Trump's actions.

  • 2019: Crafted Trump's policy on Cuba and Venezeula.

  • 2020: Supported Trump's failed response to Covid-19.

  • 2022: Sponsored unpopular Daylight Savings Time Act.

  • 2022: Running for re-election.

The Senator is admittedly good looking, articulate, and smart. But he is also cunning, not to be trusted, and lacking loyalty. As I have said before, he has the potential for a high calling to public service. But he has missed the mark so far. Our West Miami constituents told me so.



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