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Jail for Trump?

Post # 327, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Trump could probably have avoided prison by simply respecting and acknowledging our laws and government. That should not have been hard for a former President.

New York Judge Juan Merchan must render a punishment for former President Donald Trump being found guilty on 34 felony charges. The guidelines call for probation up to 4 years for each felony, or something in between. Law requires the New York's Parole and Probation Department to meet with Trump and review all circumstances that could affect the Judge's decision. Those are the givens for the sentencing. Here are the pertinent points the Judge will consider:

  1. The verdict is profoundly serious. Our Constitution requires free and fair elections based on free and fair information. Trump, by himself, planned and executed a denial of that for Americans.

  2. Trump was not contrite nor did he express any remorse for his 34 crimes. He showed contempt for the court and the participants on 10 occasions.

  3. Trump claims that this was his first crime suggesting leniency in sentencing, but in fact, he has also been found guilty of defamation, sexual assault and civil fraud, which the statute says may be taken into account.

  4. Trump is said to believe that the threat of civil unrest is a reason not to incarcerate him. He also believes that a President is not subject to our criminal justice system like everyone else.

I believe the Judge could have given serious consideration to avoiding incarceration for Trump had he acknowledged these crimes and shown respect for our laws and government. But he not only did not do that, he used the whole process to raise money for his election and fan potential civil unrest.

Prison may have been of Trump's own doing.


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