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January 6th was an Ego Rush Trump Could Not Control

Post # 304, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

'Look at those people. They are not after me, let em go.'

Donald Trump, January 6, 2020, Washington D.C.

Donald Trump knew that he would probably lose his re-election bid in 2020. He felt the last-minute push of former President Barack Obama and Democratic House Whip James Clyburn would drive the African American votes, particularly in the Southern states. Accordingly, Trump worked in earnest to set up a system to block counting the votes. He was not careful about it and even included encouraging violence if necessary. He would make sure his Presidency would be remembered forever.

On January 6th, Trump concluded the violence was inevitable. He had mixed feelings about it as it happened, somewhat worried if it would get out of hand, but the sight and magnitude of exhilaration of how much people followed him was worth it. He concluded he was the President and he made the swing appointments to the Supreme Court, so he could not lose. Besides, he was convinced that his base was so loyal if Biden came after him, he could play the martyr card and raise millions for legal help. It was an ego rush for the ages.

As previously predicted, I believe some of the litigation will be successful in prosecuting Trump, which will prompt him to seek a deal from Biden. He is certain Biden will take it to avoid a violent uprising in the streets. But, I believe although Biden might be tempted to take Trump's offer, he will know that he cannot ignore the magnitude of the crimes in history.

Trump will not win re-election due to the various litigation across the country, but the Republican Party will make every effort to nominate him. Based on current polls, I would think Nikki Haley would be the nominee with someone like Mitt Romney as her running mate.

Trump will continue to thrive, but from behind bars, and a large number of Trump wannabes will surface around the country for the next several years. The years of 2016-2024 will go down in history as the most tumultuous ever, even more than the Civil War.


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