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Many Good People Apparently Ignore 91 Charges of Crimes Against Trump. Not if He is Convicted.

Post # 297, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

His chances of avoiding jail are very slim, so he probably will not be around to serve (even with a self-pardon). His base should look for a second choice.

When official representatives of our country say a law has been broken, I believe them, subject to poof. But I also believe a person is innocent until proven guilty. I thought I was not unusual. Not anymore.

Donald Trump has been indicted four separate times resulting in 91 felony counts. Because these charges came from our federal and state governments, I believe them, again subject to poof. I don't have an opinion on whether Trump is guilty of all the charges, but I am certainly inclined to believe many of them are serious and probably valid.

Since roughly half the country says they will vote for Trump in 2024, while the 91 charges are pending, I can only conclude those millions of Americans do not believe in our judicial system. They do not believe the 4 indictments and 91 charged counts stand a chance of being valid.

I know the divisions in our country are deep. But I did not think the deep animosity would flow over into our belief in the integrity of our criminal justice system. I also know there is deep resentment and hatred against the "establishment" and the media as being out of touch and ultra-liberal. I attribute much if not most of Trump's extraordinary support, with these 91 charges pending, to those two factors.

If Trump is convicted and incarcerated for most of the 91 charges, he will be able to still serve as President by issuing himself a pardon. But, if one of the convictions and incarceration are among the 13 charges against him in Georgia, a federal pardon is useless in a state conviction. The Georgia case appears to be one of the strongest against Trump So even if he is re-elected, he has a very small chance of being sworn in if he is sitting in a Georgia jail. Recent polling indicates Trump's strength over Biden today confirms that a conviction changes everything. The heart of Trump's support evaporates if he is convicted.

Still, I fully expect Trump to try and keep his base active for future economic and political purposes. But his effectiveness with the majority will fade.

Our country will be hungry for a unifier from either party. My guess is that the person will have a unique and discernable characteristic, which I am guessing will be that the candidate is a contrarian and advocate for change. I don't know who it will be, but our country better start coming back together or we will not have a country of freedom.



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