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McCarthy Wanted Title, Not Govern.

Post # 254, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

With his ridiculous concessions to the 'Trumpers,' McCarthy wanted the title more than the chance to govern America.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R., Cal.) became the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives on the 15th ballot, which was a record time for that election. As a further historical footnote, his election was on the 2nd year anniversary of the worst attack on our Capitol on January 6th, 2021. He barely won the election and most know that he made unheard of concessions to a small group of Trump supporters, including allowing one member to call for a re-election of the Speaker and appointing members to key Committees, without the Speaker's approval.

Additional concessions McCarthy gave to the 20 holdouts:

  • McCarthy cannot spend Speaker PAC money in open GOP primaries.

  • Increases in debt ceiling are tied to budget cuts.

  • 72 hour wait for final passage of bills,

  • Restore Holman Rule controlling salaries.

Most people experienced at law making say these conditions could render the Speakership meaningless, other than to fan McCarthy's ego.

What then will happen? I believe the following:

1. The Trumpers in the House will test McCarthy on the new rule changes right away, he will object, and we will be again going through the election starting for the 16th time almost on day one.

2. Recognizing that our Constitution calls for the Speaker to be third in line for the Presidency, our national security will be tested by our enemies and terriorists.

3. Nothing will happen in the House or within the Committees in the House until the Speakership is settled once and for all. The Senate will continue to function and will dictate lawmaking that will sit idle, with the exception of budget and appropriations issues. Financial mandates will be covered by President Biden to the extent he can by Executive Order. The stock market will not look favorable on the uncertainity.

4. If McCarthy is able to survive that first vote, he will be rendered politically impotent since another one of the 435 members can call for yet another election, which will continue until his probable resignation, and then Speaker Pro-Temp Stevew Scalise (R., La.) will take over the Speakership.

5. The House, including the Trump faction, will recognize that they have destroyed the functional governance model in the Constitution, and will attempt to restore some of the important provisions.

6. Depending on the re-election of President Biden (D., Del.), the Republicans will lose control of the House over this debacle, and will continue to be the Minority Party in the Senate.

7. The Republican Party will host a total reform of their leadership, recruiting some of the older, more moderate voices of the past. I predict that former Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R., Mass.) and not Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.) will be the new leader in the GOP.

This will be the greatest test of our Democracy since the Civil War, 9/11, and

January 6th, 2020.



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