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More DeSantis Freedom?

Post #269, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Was Florida's botched immunization program for Covid another freedom example we didn't want nor need from Governor DeSantis?

At the peak of the deadly Covid-19 epidemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continued to tell the public that the federally approved vaccine did not work and would not be approved in Florida. The death toll and cases of Covid shot up in Florida beyond all other states. It was said that DeSantis saw the spreading disease as a possible national campaign breakthrough. His political handlers said focus groups seeking freedom from the intrusive government were a winner, as demonstrated by DeSantis's mentor, Former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis quietly circumvented Florida's public records laws on recruiting and found a largely unknown Doctor in California who would agree with the DeSantis. Shortly thereafter, with DeSantis fighting back the public outcries about record deaths from Covid in Florida, he announced the appointment of Dr. Joseph Ladapo as Florida's new Surgeon General. Faculty from the University of Florida Medical School, where DeSantis assigned Ladapo, complained of recruiting shortcuts in making the selection.

Ladapo's first announcement--you guessed it--was the federally approved vaccine for Covid was not effective. Other medical professionals disputed Ladapo's Covid vaccine position but it was made despite contradictory data. That data was included in an earlier version of the state's analysis but was missing from the final version complied. So here is the chronology of Florida's maybe illegal response to Covid-19:

  • More Covid cases and deaths in Florida than in any other state.

  • U.S. Government says it has a safe and effective vaccine, available at no cost,

  • DeSantis says Florida will not approve the vaccine to stop the spread of Covid.

  • An unknown new Surgeon General is announced outside normal channels.

  • That known new Surgeon General echoes DeSantis's position on Covid

  • Data confirming the Federal position on Covid was deleted from the final report.

  • Legislative oversight of deadly and costly Covid decision ignored.

  • Governor responsible for the mess says he wants to be President.

Was DeSantis's handling of the Surgeon General appointment in Florida another example of freedom many of us did not want nor need?



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