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New Hope in Florida?

Post # 154, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Dave Jolly was a constituent of mine in the early 70's. He lived in the Sunniland area of South Miami, one of the best school districts in Florida. He father was a minister and relocated to Pinellas County where Dave finished his pre-college studies. He went on to graduate from college and law school, returning to Pinellas for his practice of law.

With an eye toward politics, he became General Counsel to one of the most popular members of the Florida Congressional Delegation, Congressman Bill Young (R.) of Clearwater. When the Congressman passed, Dave ran for and won his seat. Congressman Jolly was turned out of office by former Governor Charlie Crist, who switched over to the Democratic Party. Crist was aided by a gerrymandered redistricting of the seat.

Since then former Congressman Jolly has become an Independent and is a regular on many national news programs. He is a conservative voice outside the Trump base, and is very articulate. He recently told me he has abandoned any thoughts of a race for the U.S. Senate, but likes his chances to unseat our incumbent Republican Ron DeSantis. In thinking about Jolly's comments, he is sure right that our Governor was not a favorite to win his race for governor when he announced. He sought and won an endorsement from Trump and had little else to defeat favored Adam Putnam. No Independent has won the governorship of Florida, and Jolly's chances are not very good now. But he remains an impressive candidate to this writer. With some breaks, sustained funding, and solid debates, he could become competitive. He has all the attributes to turn out a failed incumbent.

Is Dave Jolly the new hope in Florida?


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