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New York City President

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Post # 102, Bob McKnight's Political Commentary

20 Years Later, the Courts May Again Decide the Election of our President

A lot was decided in America during the first week in February, 2020.

1. There is only one Republican Senator among the 53 holding office, that had the independence from his Party to vote to remove President Donald Trump for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, in accordance with our Constitution--Senator Mitt Romney of Utah. The President was found not guilty of the 2 Impeachment charges made by the House of Representatives.

2. The Democrats could not administer a primary election because among other things, there is no consensus on who should be their candidate.

3. It appears that there is only one Democrat who can win; and is smart enough to govern, rich enough to pay for an election, and determined enough to beat Donald Trump--former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

It really appears it will come down to a match of the New York City Candidates for President--Donald Trump versus Mike Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is probably more liberal than most Americans. He is for gun control, a woman's right to decide abortion, an all out attack on global warming, strict environmental enforcement and a public option for Medicare. He is a stickler on personal ethics and will fight to reverse almost all of Trump's Executive Actions. But Bloomberg appears to know his shortcomings as well as his strengths. He is only targeting states that he can win, with high electoral college votes--New York, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio.

But Trump can count too. He is a very effective campaigner and can draw large and very loyal crowds better than any Democrat running for President. If the economy stays strong, if he can avoid court adjudications and we stay out of war, it will be very difficult to for Bloomberg to beat Trump. If he curtails his tweets and lies, Trump could be unbeatable. But he does not know nor believe that, and has little nor any self control.

As of this writing, it appears likely, that 20 years later, we will again have this country's election of our President, hailing from New York City, settled in the courts.



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