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Not Even The Appearance of a Conflict

Post # 89, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

Former Vice President Joe Biden paused for some time before announcing his candidacy for President. Most of us thought that was the traditional bait to build support among the Democrats. Although that strategy may have come into play, I believe the real reason for the pause is Biden knew Trump would drill into his son, Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine. These dealings occurred while the Vice President was carrying out duties for President Obama in--you guessed it--Ukraine. The Vice President even allowed his son to ride on Air Force Two at least once when the two Bidens made a trip to Ukraine.

I know that the Vice President probably got all kinds of approvals from ethics people in the Obama Administration about Hunter Biden's private work in Ukraine. And I am sure both Bidens went out of their way to avoid conflicts of interest. But it was the Obama Administration that said there would not be even the appearance of conflicts. Hunter Biden's work in Ukraine had the appearance of a conflict of interest.

As I have said before, I have met Joe Biden and found him very personable, but a bit of a frivolous back slapper. He seems to have spots of appearing smart and at the same time blurts out absolutely insane comments. But he is still good ole Joe as he likes to say. Perhaps he felt he could just schmooze his way through this Ukraine mess.

Trump and Giuliani assert that a lot of money was made by Biden's son in his international businesses, especially in China, but nothing has ever been proved. Trump lies all the time, as does Giuliani, so these are probably lies.

But Biden brought this mess on himself, just like Trump brought his impeachment on himself. Hunter Biden may have done nothing wrong, but this is an extraordinary time in our country. Perhaps this is why former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now thinking of getting into the Democratic Primary, drawing critical votes from the former Vice President.

Joe Biden should propose and support a law to prohibit Cabinet level U.S. government employees, and their direct relatives from having a financial relationship with any organizations doing business with the U.S. government, while the employee is in the government, and for two years thereafter. This is similarly done for former members of Congress lobbying their former employers for two years. Further, Biden's son should take it upon himself to immediately take a leave of absence from any organization doing business with the United States, until the election is held, to settle the issue.

We must restore confidence in our elections and strictly police conflicts and even the appearance of conflicts of interest at all levels of our government.


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