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"Not Me But You"

Post # 227, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

"They are not after me...let 'em go." [Trump, after being told the rioters were armed, encouraged his guards to not stop the attack on our Capitol on January 6, 2020.]

President Donald Trump

When President Donald Trump allegedly told his guards that the armed rioters attacking the Capitol on January 6, 2020 did not have him as a target, leaving them to attack mostly unarmed Americans, he told them that was fine. This is something I never thought I would hear from an elected public servant, much less our President. The Wall Street Journal said, " Republicans can't afford to look away from evidence of his [Trump] conduct."

Over his professional life, Donald Trump has gotten into a lot of legal trouble. Perhaps all of that experience is why he is so effective in avoiding incarceration. From lying to manipulating testimony, to settling charges for large sums of money, to engaging legions of lawyers on his behalf, Trump has really not 'paid the piper.' When he became President, he really seemed to think that he had no personal liability and had unlimited legal resources through "his" Department of Justice. Both thoughts were in error. Perhaps Trump's elusiveness of the law is the reason that the new developments coming out of the House of Representatives Select Committee on the January 6th Attacks on our Capitol are so serious and surprising. But few developments are more telling than this:

The President swore allegiance to protect Americans. But,

1. After telling his supporters to march to the Capitol, he did nothing to stop or slow them.

2. He did not call for law enforcement (or anyone else) help to stop the attack.

3. After finding the attackers were armed, he directed law enforcement to not restrict them.

4. After hearing about hanging Vice President Pence, he said Pence was not loyal.

5. He told the Proud Boys rioters to stand by to attack.

This evidence is complete, comprehensive, unambiguous, with witnesses, and factual. It is proof of a crime. On January 6th, President Trump encouraged the attack on our Capitol and when discovered, did nothing to stop it. The President did not protect Americans, but rather personally put them in harm's way.

That is Treason and the Penalty could be Death.



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