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Not The Message, But the Messenger.

Post # 284, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

DeSantis even tried to show off his family at the Iowa Fair, and Trump then marched out almost the entire Florida Congressional Delegation supporting him. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Over the weekend, all the Republicans were focused on the Iowa State Fair. It is a must-attend, and it is so important, the candidate's every move is studied on whether they are the right personality. Even Donald Trump attended and used the event to target his old protegee, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

An aircraft was flying over the fair with a banner saying, "Be Likeable Ron." It drew attention to the fact that DeSantis is not liked by the Trump faithful because he decided to run for President now, rather than wait 4 years. DeSantis has had to tip-toe between attacking Trump and praising him, which has proven impossible. Trump tees off on DeSantis and the MAGA base has made the attack the highest priority in the GOP Primary.

DeSantis can't catch a break. He has made empowering parents a critical part of public education. He had laws passed in Florida delegating power to parents to have books removed, curriculum restricted, and basically usurp the role of locally elected school boards. He attacks what he calls the WOKE experience which is the awareness of racial discrimination, making him no friend of African Americans.

Now Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is being mentioned as a possible new candidate for President, being hailed as a breath of fresh air. What is he known for? Passing laws involving parents in their student's public education. With some exceptions, most Republicans favor his approach and give him high marks. The Governor emphasizes that he does not mention WOKE under any circumstances. He also has a workable relationship with the Virginia African American Community. Huh?

It is not the message as much as the messenger. DeSantis is smart and has a very similar platform as popular Governors like Youngkin. It is that he attacked Trump misreading his hold on the GOP base. His inexperience at campaigning left him as a cold, stern candidate without the panache of Trump nor the gregariousness of a candidate like Youngkin. In a word, he is just unlucky.

But it is probable that DeSantis is done having found himself in the middle of the insection of the Trump Base, African Americans and even the elderly (having voted against Medicare and Social Security as a member of Congress.)

Sometimes it is just not the message, but the messenger.


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