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Now it gets ugly...

Post# 140, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

As of this writing, the election is over tomorrow. Now it gets ugly. Not that it has not been rough on all of us--the deep division among our country, the once in a lifetime epidemic scourge of all of this planet, the closing of our robust economy and lost jobs. This has really been a test for the world and certainly for the United States of America.

So, it is with that pausing to catch our breath, I write that it is going to get worse now. Why am I so negative. Here is why:

  1. Somebody is going to win the election and someone is going to lose. There will be excessive and then mean spirited celebrations. There will not be goodwill.

  2. My guess is if Trump loses there will likely be some kind of retribution--hopefully not physical, but certainly, mental. There is nothing more dangerous than the remaining days in office of an angry incumbent. Watch for the pardons issued by Trump.

  3. Whomever wins always has over exuberant supporters who "get out over their ski's." It is inevitable that abuses during the transition will occur by supporters who want to settle some scores.

  4. The pandemic will get much worse with social distancing all but ignored by at least half of our country. The cold winter weather will accelerate the Covid cases and deaths they cause. It will take most of 2021 to finally get on top of the super spreading.

  5. Our economy will less robust, but the good news is the changes in lifestyle will open up new opportunities, especially among non contact, consumer direct marketing.

This difficult time will drive many Americans to reach out to one another, whether previous friends or not. Perhaps it will be a chance for Americans to find what is really important in life--grace.



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