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Pence Pants on Fire

Post # 123, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

[After record new cases]...Floridians "can rest easy"

Vice President Mike Pence

July 3, 2020

Vice President Mike Pence prides himself in being a good person. He is controlled, measured, careful and cheerful. He is a perfectly packaged politician. But, after his almost four years with Donald Trump, he has at least one glaring demerit now--he lies. Perhaps his lies are not as often nor as mean spirited as his boss, but when in Florida last week, he told a whopper to all of Florida and the world to hear.

After Florida had broken its's own record on daily new Covid cases, standing tall with Florida's Governor, Ron DeSantis, Vice President Pence said, "...because we are in such a better place today [actually breaking all records with new cases], the people of Florida can rest easy." Pence is generally very careful and measured in his speeches, but he just blew this one. Even the Governor was embarrassed with the new numbers because earlier in the year he made fun of the media who criticized his opening Florida up to relaxed Covid protections.

I don't particularly delight in seeing two high ranking officials look foolish with their rhetoric. Why can they not just come clean as I urged the Governor in my last post? Simply acknowledge that a deadly virus spreads rapidly and to defeat it takes equally aggressive action--distancing, wearing protections, and cleaning everything. Europe and other countries have shown, such discipline works. Their pants are not on fire.


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