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Possible Articles of Impeachment

Post #91, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

It appears the House of Representatives has completed it's public hearings on the potential Impeachment of President Trump. The next step is for the House Leadership to present Articles of Impeachment, if any, on the floor of the House of Representatives. The members will then debate the Articles, and then vote for or against any and all of them. We will wait to see if Articles are filed, but based on the evidence to date, here is what I expect from the House Democrats:

1. Article I, Violation of the U.S. Constitution on Bribery as proven by witness testimony. President Trump may have committed bribery with his testimony in a transcript of his phone call.

2. Article II, Treason by inviting a foreign country to influence an American election, as proven by witness testimony. President Trump invited China to help influence a U.S. election in a television interview.

3. Article III, Obstruction of Justice by President Trump, proven by documents and witness testimony. President Trump allegedly obstructed justice by his actions.

Several White House employees called by the House have refused a legal subpoena to testify. I believe the House should force their testimony through the Courts, which may delay House action on the potential Articles. All legal actions should be afforded all the parties to ensure the Impeachment process is beyond reproach.

If these Articles are adopted by a majority of the House of Representatives, the question then for 66 Senators is, do these alleged crimes, rise to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors?" If they do, President Trump will be removed from office. If not, the charges will be dropped, and President Trump will continue in office.


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