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Putin's Future: Dessertions, Isolation and War Crimes.

Post # 211, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Former Defense Secretary and General Jim "Bulldog" Mattis says there is a "bleeding ulcer" among Putin's troops. They are poorly trained, maligned, underpaid, and not respected by their own Officers. They are ripe for dessertion.

At the time of this writing, the war in Ukraine is hitting a peak. During this month, the success of Russia putting in a replacement puppet government will be determined. Short of NATO joining the fight directly, Russia is favored to succeed.

So, if that happens, what could happen next?

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping will probably be aided by Russian President Putin in replacing the democratic government in Taiwan with another puppet government.

  • Iran could finally follow through with their threats to attack Israel with bombing.

  • Iran then could follow those attacks with more in Yeman and Saudi Arabia.

  • North Korea could launch it's new found missle strength into South Korea.

  • Putin will advance his power and cyber control over strategy countries in the Americas, including Cuba, Venezula and Nicaragua.

All of the threats above have been rumored for years. But the attack on Ukraine by Putin was first threatened in 2007 at the Munich Conference on Security, "as a rage against Ukraine ever joining NATO." That was 15 years ago and 3 presidents were aware of it--Obama, Trump and Biden. We have known of the threats above for years also.

Putin's murderous and sequential track record is clear:

1994 Chechnya

2008 Georgia

2014 Crimea

2014, 2022 Ukraine

2015 Syria

So, like it or not, America should put everything on the table and immediately block Russia's brutual seizure of Ukraine by:

1. President Biden should declare Putin is a war criminal and initiate a filing of war crimes through the Security Council of the United Nations. This is not a ploy, the charges will take time to develop and perfect for a successful trial. This also will put the world on notice that the United States is seeking support and participation from any all victims in finding all the war crimes of this murderer spread among a half a dozen wars. This will also put China's Xi Jinping on notice with Taiwan.

2. Create absolute unity with a vote of Congress declaring Ukraine as the equivalent of war, with imprisonment of anyone aiding or supporting Russia. Let the Minority Leader help craft and lead the legislation.

3. Give Russia a deadline and then implement a complete and total embargo.

4. Use the same deadline to confiscate any and all assets of Russian Oligarchs.

5. Fully equip Ukraine freedom fighters with every available non-nuculear U.S. weapon.

6. Using back channel sources behind a new Russian leader who will work with the world powers to re-establish it among the family of civil nations. Advance this strategy to what is called, "the bleeding ulcer." The Russian Army is maligned, under paid and not respected by Putin. With help from the Freedom Fighters and other European Allies, they could be wisked right off the battlefield accoridng to Former Defense Secretary Mattis.

The deadline described above is critical for a military secret service mind like Putin. If all 6 strategies above were implemented, I believe our chances are good that the war in Ukraine would end sooner than later, and the family of nations could start down the road of re-unification.


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