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Quorum Call for Representative Herb Morgan (D., Tallahassee)

Post # 175, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

"The battles of the two Chairmen of the Appropriations Committees, Herb Morgan in the House and Jack Gordon in the Senate, were legendary--sort of like the Preacher against the Rabbi."

Since completing my first book, The Golden Years of the Florida Legislature, '70's and '80's, I have had published a column I call, "Quorum Call." It was published for four years on a weekly basis by the Tallahassee Democrat as part of the Gannett chain of media properties. I tried to draw from the well known and not so well known legislators, press, staff and lobbyists from the Golden Age. The series proved very popular prompting a number of readers to contact me asking to include so and so in what they called the "Hall of Fame."

So with that back ground and to add value to this Commentary, for subscribers, I am no longer running the Facebook reprints of Quorum Call, but instead include them in this subscription.

This Quorum Call on Representative Herb Morgan of Tallahassee is among the very first published on one of my favorite colleagues (we were elected together in the class of 1974). His battles with his foe in the Senate, liberal Appropriations Chairman Jack Gordon were legendary.

Rest in peace dear Herb--you were a great public servant.


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