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Quorum Call for Senator Warren Henderson (R., Sarasota)

Post # 326, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Senator Henderson was the first Republican Environmentalist in the Florida Legislature.

Senator Warren Henderson is the only numismatist I have ever known. Actually, he was an astute investor and bank director while serving as a State Representative and Senator from Sarasota during the '60s, '70s and '80s. I had the pleasure of serving with him on the Senate Natural Resources Committee. He was one of the most knowledgeable members of the Senate on environmental issues. Although he was a staunch conservative, he was very liberal on environmental issues.

The Senator was also a very funny man. I remember on one occasion, he came to me and said, "Senator, I need to vote for a bill my conservative constituents will favor. But i really don't want it to pass, which I understand is your position." I said, "sure Warren, I oppose that bill." Warren said, " I do too, but can't vote that way because it will get me in trouble back home." That was Senator Warren Henderson. He knew how to work the process regardless of party affiliation.

I was replaced in the Senate by one of Henderson's best friends, Senator Frank Mann (D., Ft. Myers). They became a powerful force in Florida government supporting the environmental movement, along with Governors Graham, Bush and Chiles.

Much of Senator Henderson's protections of the environment have been reversed with the

recapture of the legislature by the Republicans and former Governor Rick Scott. Governor Ron DeSantis has not been as bad for the environment, but will never equal the consistent commitment to Florida's quality life as did the Senators from Sarasota and Fort Myers.

Rest in Peace Senator Warren Henderson, my friend.


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