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Republicans Serving Trump, not America

Updated: Feb 19

Post # 310, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Trump is obviously more concerned about his own interests than those of America.

Immigration has climbed to be among the top issues in the 2024 Presidential Campaign. When you recognize that the problem directly affects some the largest states

in the Country--California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, New York and Florida, you can see why immigration is a near crisis.

Normally, a crisis like immigration dictates a bi-partisan solution in Congress. But in the last decade, bi-partisanship is almost non-existent, which has frustrated Americans as never before. To the surprise to many, the U.S. Senate stepped forward on both sides of the aisle, to craft a true bi-partisan solution that even includes President Joe Biden. New Republican Speaker Mike Johnson had joined the Senators to form a consensus to address immigration. America was back.

But when former President Donald Trump was asked about the historic bi-partisan solution, he said he still wishes for Biden to fail and he wants the solution to be postponed until he can do it as the new President. Yes, he really said that. He is more concerned about his personal interests than those of our country.

Republicans who helped craft the legislation and praised it, then fell into blind alignment with the twice impeached, convicted rapist Trump to now oppose the critically needed laws.

Giving the Republicans the benefit of the doubt, one can say at least some of them are good Americans but find no alternative but blindly support Trump, because they are afraid of him. They are not even concerned with his 91 pending felony charges. It is sad to see such a lack of courage and integrity, but it is what it is. Almost to the person, when Trump is gone, they will apologize, repent and blame it on a mistake they regret. Some will be forgiven, but most will not. They will have the satisfied ego having served in the Republican Party, but will have to go down in history with a blemish which will never be removed.

They are Republicans who served Donald Trump and not America.


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