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Republicans: Then and Now

Post # , Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The Future of America Rides With the GOP.

Until 2016, Republicans always stood for what Ronald Reagan and both Presidents Bushes stood for--conservatism. In 2016, the deep-seated dislike and distrust of Hillary Clinton gave us long-time Democrat Donald Trump as our 45th President. Trump actually lost the popular vote by a wide margin but won selected states to win the Electoral College. He articulated few if any policies and demonstrated little knowledge of most issues. Even when he did finally submit policies to Congress, he generally changed them, ignored them, or even lied about what they did. His achievements other than the tax cut for the wealthy were minimal. Other than expressing hate toward his enemies, our country had very little to say for the Trump years. He was given credit for a rebounding economy, but we now see that has happened under every President for the last 30 years. As I have said before, Trump did get credit for an accelerated Covid-19 serum approval. He did appoint several Supreme Court Justices and now says because of that they should vote to exonerate him from the almost 100 crime charges.

During the '80s and '90s, President Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II laid out a conservative agenda and generally succeeded in its adoption. Now that Trump is running again, he is articulating few if any policies other than his flamboyant threats and rants.

So, here is a comparison of the Republican Party in the 80's and 90s under Reagan and both Bushes and from 2016 to now, under the interloper, Donald Trump.

Issue Reagan and Bushes Trump

Trade Open Markets Restrictive Tariffs

Immigration Amnesty Secure With Border Wall (Paid by Mexico)

Big Business Strongly Support Punish Corporations.

Entitlements Privatize Social Security No Changes to Social Security

National Defense Support Oppose Generals and Military

Optimism Yes.."Shining City" No. "Jail my opponents."

It is hard to believe that such a proud and respected political party would veer off course on issues so in such a short time. Few can remember any of the positions now stated by Trump being articulated in his 2016 campaign. All that can really be remembered was the hate and vitriol Trump Republicans had for Clinton.

So Republicans today appear to be uncomfortable with Trump and his positions, but not by a great margin. If the courts do not remove Trump as a candidate, the GOP will have to make a choice to support Trump again, vote for an alternative Republican like Ambassador Hailey (which is unlikely), or hold their nose and vote for a Democrat. I understand it will depend on the individual.

The future of our country now rides first with the GOP.


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