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Rick Scott Misspeak

Post # 259, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

As a Republican Rick Scott proposed an income tax...but only on the poor. Then he followed up by proposing to cut the Medicare and Social Security safety net for the frail and elderly, primarily living in his home state of Florida. In one quick stroke, Scott brought the Democrats back to life in Florida.

Rick Scott was not from Florida when he ran for and won his election as Governor in 2011. He also had never served in any public or elected office before. He was generally not considered a very effective governor because he opposed improving public education, fought environmental improvements, and did very little to help the elderly--all cornerstones of Florida's constituents. How did he then win? Money, and lot's of it. I have opined on how he obtained that money in the past, so I will not go over that again, other than to say it was not pretty and was probably unlawful.

The point I am trying to make here is Senator Rick Scott probably should not have been elected to any office in Florida. Once in office Senator Scott did very little of interest or need to Floridians, and he does not have a reputation for integrity today.

So today, we find Senator Scott drawing the same kind of following in Washington as he has had in Florida. In 2022, he attempted to lead the GOP Senate back in control of their chamber. He failed and has managed to burn more bridges by the following:

  1. Scott opposed the re-election of the Republican Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, something that is never even attempted in the Capitol. Scott lost.

2. Leader McConnell was approached by several Senators to be appointed to the prestigious Commerce Committee. Scott was removed from that Committee to make room for the appointments made by McConnell and was furious with the slight. Scott Lost.

3. Almost never seen, Republican Scott proposed a tax increase, but only on poor people. Scott lost.

4. Florida has the largest population of elderly Americans who enjoy and live by Social Security and Medicare. Scott proposed terminating both laws every five years. Scott lost.

5. When President Joe Biden in his State of the Union address disclosed that Senator Scott proposed terminating Social Security and Medicare, Biden proved it by sharing a written proposal by Scott with all Americans. Scott lost again.

Rick Scott is said to be very angry that his reputation is so sullied for his proposals. He feels betrayed by his own colleagues in the GOP part of the Senate. He disdains the press and generally ignores their questions. He is regarded by most that follow national politics as a very mean spirited and vindictive person. It was he and he alone that mis-spoke--repeatedly. He should own it and start listening more than talking, until he knows of what he speaks.



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