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Rick Scott's Republican Signature Issues

Post # 211, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Upon questioned by reporters, Scott said he only proposed higher Federal taxes on the unemployed.

The Republican Senate Minority Leader immediately

rejected Scott's proposal.

Rick Scott is not a favored U.S. Senator by about half of Florida's citizens. But he is considered a successful businessman by the other half. One of the reasons for his success in business is his organizarion mantra. He is a man with a plan and sticks to it.

So for that reason, it is probably not surprising that he is a good example of what I have said often in this column--that is in politics, candidates need signature issues. "Vote for me and this is what you will get if I win." Although obvious to me, it is apparently hard for many candidates to understand and to which they will commit. Scott has said that his Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky violateds the signature issue strategy and only attacks opponets in campaigns. Facts do not support Scott and McConnell is not amused.

The Republican Caucus in the U.S. Senate has selected the Junior Senator from Florida to ensure the GOP takes back the Senate in 2022. These are their signature issues, if Scott has his way (my comments in bold):

  • Finishing the Immigration Wall on the U.S. Southern Border and naming it after Donald Trump. Mexico is not paying for it as Trump promised--we are.

  • Ending reference to race and ethnicity on any government forms. Constitutional?

  • There will be 12 year term limits for most federal government positions, including members of Congress. Republicans in Congress are aghast at this.

  • Sunset all legislation after 5 years. Lobbyists want this for additional work.

  • Pass legislation providing for how history is taught in America. Violates Home Rule.

  • Require all kids stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Violates Home Rule.

  • Prohibit discussion of sexual orientation in schools. Enforce How.

  • Raise Federal taxes on the unemployed. Tax Increase for 1/2 of America.

Scott has said that the Republicans will target any policies pushed by the Biden Administration, for repeal or obstruction. On the other hand, tax cuts, a strong national defence, and indivudual freedoms will guide the GOP after the 2022 elections. When questioned by Arthur Delaney of HuffPost on Scott's proposal to raise taxes on the unemployed, Scott lied and said that was not part of his proposal (it was in the proposal). And no surprise, Senator Scott said he favors the re-election of Donald Trump as President.

So there you have it. Vote for Scott and the hand picked Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and these signature issues are what you will get.

Well that is not true according to Leader McConnell. After making his announcement of the Republican Signature Issues, Scott high tailed it away from the press. But Leader McConnell stayed and declared that Scott's plan to raise taxes was dead. Scott was asked about the rebuff from his own leader and feigned having hurt feelings. He then said there would be changes coming to his proposal. The Democrats are still laughing at Scott's proposal to raise taxes in half the country in an election year.

For the rest of Scott's proposal, apparently few people want to spend their hard earned money memorializing a wall to be named after a President who supports our enemies now at war against soverign countries like Ukraine, believing in democracy. Scott's proposal to pass a law requiring students to stand for a few minutes in class is hardly landmark legislation. Likewise, using the important Federal Statutes to clog up education rules on teaching history or when to review existing laws reflect Scott's failure to ever serve in a law making role before.

Scott may be standing alone. My therory about signature issues should have one requirement--that there is public support for those issues.


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