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Role Reversals?

Post # 299, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Trump has moved the GOP away from government ethics, support for a strong military, and anti-abortion positions. And the Trumpers running the GOP seem to love it?

History teaches us many lessons in politics.

For example, The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln supported the African-American slaves with the Union Army winning the Civil War. But today, the African-American or Black Community is almost non-existent in the Republican Party. The reason apparently is the Republicans became more interested in finance, smaller government, and strong defense. For African Americans to succeed after gaining freedom, they needed education and opportunities. They got neither from the Republicans, so Blacks sought support from the Democrats. The Democrats saw potential votes among Blacks with voter registration and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

College-educated voters had historically found support among Republicans. But with the election of Presidents Obama and Clinton, many college-educated, Silicon Valley Engineers, Wall Street executives, and Hollywood liberals shifted their support to the Democrats. Unions have always been strongly supported by the Democrats.

Republicans had focused their conservative support among suburban women from the churches and community organizations. Donald Trump bragged about supporting anti-abortion laws and court appointments, even though he previously strongly supported the right to have an abortion. Now, most women of all parties deeply resent white males deciding what women can do with their bodies. In many polls, the GOP base now opposes abortion restrictions even in conservative states.

Blue-collar workers had always supported the Democrats for labor laws, but Trump supported anti-trade legislation to gain the Blue-collar vote. That support for Trump is strange because Trump has previously said that he cannot stand them. Republicans' support for a strong military is now reversed as Trump Republicans attack the military establishment and commanding officers. In another reversal, much of the GOP supports defunding military efforts against Russia and other Communist States.

What does all this mean for understanding politics today? It means the issue is not nearly as important as the image and the delivery of the message about the issue. President Biden looks feeble and follows his teleprompter carefully. Trump is largely oblivious to issues but is good at exploiting people's fears and concerns.

For a democracy to work, it requires voter participation.


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