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RX for the U.S. Electoral Count Act

Post # 203, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Once the vote is accurately and fairly counted, a candidate who loses a fair vote count, has no basis for overturning that vote, just because he lost.

The U.S. Electoral Count Act is the Federal Law that allows a majority of Congress to disqualify a state's electors after the electoral college has voted. It is considered a technicality since the counting of ballots is done in the public and under close scrutiny.

Trump succeeded in convincing his base that by simply objecting to the vote, saying it can be simply overturned, without any evidence. Many do not know that the Democrats used a similar strategy to overturn President George W. Bush's election victories, but to a much smaller degree. It was originally created to avoid the mess of the contested Hayes-Tilden election of 1876, but was in-artfully drafted.

Many have suggested a re-write of the Electoral Count Act to stipulate in new language that the Congress is to count the electoral votes cast by any state authorized to do so under their state law. Once the legal challenges are exhausted, Congress cannot change those votes and the outcome. Any disputes in the states would be settled in those states' judiciary. That is exactly what happened in the whisker close vote of Bush-Gore in 2000.

It worked then and with both parties' support of this new legislation would work fine, legal scholars represent.

It is said that Democrats do not want to take away this embarrassment from the Republicans and fix the problem. Republicans say they don't want to do anything that reflects badly on Trump, like passing this reform. Both are wrong.

Enough. We want out country back. Governed by the people and for the people. Give us a new statute for U.S. Electoral Count that cannot be abused, as described in new language above. And for a change, both Republicans and Democrats should vote for it.


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