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Scott and DeSantis Mis-Speak Again

Post # 267, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Scott wants to reduce Social Security and Medicare. He also wants to add taxes--but not on the wealthy like himself, but on the poor, "so they have skin in the game."

DeSantis thinks Putin's savage attack on peaceful Ukraine was really just an internal disagreement. Like Trump, DeSantis wants America subordinate to Russia.

Neither Rick Scott nor Ron DeSantis had ever served in the Florida Legislature or local office. Perhaps that is why both officeholders now seem to miss the mark of most of their constituents. I cite the examples of their positions above. Their response to seeing their positions' feedback to them is interesting:

Scott denies he said he wanted to cut back Social Security and Medicare, even though it is in writing on his own Senate stationery. He also denied the suggestion of raising taxes, but not on the wealthy, but on the poor. He is most angry and embarrassed that the Minority Leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell says none of his proposals will see the light of day.

DeSantis has not responded to the conservative criticism of the proposal to abandon freedom fighting Ukraine, which results in supporting butcher Putin and our enemy Russia. The Wall Street Journal held its most important editorial to single out DeSantis's ambitious goals to become President are driving him to such an ill-framed notion. They point out, this position was taken to duplicate his mentor, twice impeached President Donald Trump.

Both Scott and DeSantis represent the fastest-growing state and with the third largest number of electoral college votes. So, what they say and do are very important to us in the state and the GOP in the country. It is likely that both will change their positions and get in line with most Republican conservatives. But one cannot help but ask the question of what both gentlemen really feel about these issues. Be careful of what you support, because you may just get it.



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