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Scott's Task

Post # 157, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Scott's Task: Elect a GOP Majority in the Senate, where the GOP leader is at War with their former President. And Now Trump's Taxes Will Be For All To See. Good luck on that one Senator.

Former President Donald Trump called U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a "hack." McConnell said Trump should be criminally tried in court, not the Congress. Both say they want to break the fragile majority of Democrats in the U.S. Senate. The person the Republican Senators elected to lead the fight for majority against a battle between Trump and McConnell is none other than Florida's Junior Senator Rick Scott, who is not even a native Floridian.

Scott barely won election in 2020 with 50% of the vote. His reputation has always been marred by his management of a chain of hospitals, which had the largest charge of Medicare and Medicaid fraud in United States history. Scott took the 5th Amendment to avoid personal conviction. His tenure as Governor of Florida has been widely criticized as anti education, environment, and ethics more than any other Governor in the history of the Sunshine State. So, if Scott can carry all this political baggage, how does he win election--albeit barely. The answer: he uses the zillions he allegedly stole from the Federal Government in the fraud law suit.

So now Scott's Republican colleagues in the Senate, almost all of which voted against impeaching Donald Trump a second time, have asked him to manage the election of a GOP majority in the Senate. The success of his appointment has already been threatened by the raging split among traditional Republicans and Trump's wing of the party, made up primarily of the Capital rioters.

Why any American would contribute their hard earned money to a morally devoid person like Scott for the Republican Party, which is full of Trump thugs is beyond me. It sounds to me like certain Republicans have set up Scott to fail. Who might those Republicans be? Try Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for starters, who hates Scott and has his eye on running for President in the future. His probable opponent? Rick Scott.

How could Scott's Task go wrong?


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